November 23, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury Like Redneck Hell ISD Will Face Tomorrow

UPDATE EDIT: I talked to the Assistant Principal this morning and explained my irritation regarding the matter. He said and I quote "I have NO idea how this related to an economics lesson but you can be assured it will not happen again. It is not the school's or a teacher's place to express political views". Could it be I've found an Administrative official in Redneck Hell with more than one brain cell? Skeery!

I am so mad I could spit nails and use an Economics teacher's head to pound them in!

Ash came home this afternoon to tell me about the horror show she got to sit through today in her Economics class. Apparently with it being the holidays there wasn't much to do so a video was given to the class to watch.

The video featured the following:

American soldiers lying dead in the road
A dead infant killed in the war
A woman with her face blown off
People who've lost their homes due to the war saying they don't deserve what America is doing to them
Children with their limbs ripped off being carried by their mother

Basically just about every horror of war was displayed and I'd like to know why. I'd also like to know what other schools are showing this video and if the school knew it would be showed or if the teacher is just that damn dumb. It's Redneck Hell so it's entirely possible that he's just that stupid.

The list goes on. This was clearly a political piece against the Bush administration that had no business in the classroom. I expect the school to teach my daughter ABOUT politics and how things work, no problem there, but the school has NO business in trying to teach a viewpoint and certainly not in that manner!

I don't know how Ashley sat through it to be honest. We lost a family friend in Iraq and we still can't listen to songs about the war without crying over losing Bobby and she had to sit through PICTURES of it? Especially the part about the soldiers!

I have my own views about the war. I have my own views about Bush. I would NEVER presume to "educate" someone else's child though. It's not my place and it's not appropriate. I have no problem in telling someone how i feel about things but there's an extent to what should and should not be said to someone elses child. And no one of ANY age should have to watch what my daughter and her classmates watched today whether it is politically motivated or not.

I called the Superintendent this evening and explained what I thought about the situation. They asked that I speak with the school principal regarding the matter. I'm not sure what good a discussion would do really. Nothing he says will take the images out of my daughter's head. The damage is done so to speak.

As for the Economics teacher, he's apparently also a Coach. I hope he has more sense regarding sports than he obviously does in regards to what is and is not appropriate in school. I'll let ya know tomorrow what he says for himself. If he's even got one brain cell he'll apologize profusely and shut the hell up.


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