November 5, 2009

Moolah For Christmas

With any good thing, there can always be a down side. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year that I look forward to every year. I love the music, the Christmas shows, the spirit, the meaning, you name it. I love, love, LOVE Christmas. I HATE, hate hate, worrying about money to spend for it though. I have a big family and I do my best to get something for everyone in my family or make them something nice. I've mentioned before that I prefer to give and to get the handmade gifts because I love the idea that someone would actually take the time to use their talents, whatever they may be, with me in mind.

When I make things for my nieces, nephews, sisters, Mom or Dad, boyfriend etc, I take into account their favorite colors, things they like, things they need and go from there. So whatever I make them it's designed distinctly for that person. What I tend to forget in the planning is that despite the fact that I'm handcrafting the gift, I still have to pay for the materials. So what can start out as a seemingly inexpensive gift idea, can turn into something much more costly than I'd planned.

Soooo, I try to to start early in the year to get the items made and spread the cost out over a longer period of time rather than waiting til the end of the year and freaking myself out trying to accomplish AND pay for everything. The few times I did that I ended up so frazzled I could barely enjoy the holiday and had to look for emergency loan lenders to be able to get the rest of the materials I needed. Thank goodness the emergency loan was available but had I planned better I could have avoided the need to have use of one.

As it turned out, the emergency loan really saved Christmas for me and made it easier to get things done. I planned well this year and won't have to worry a bit, but Christmas is going to be here very soon. It's nice to know that if I needed it, I could get another emergency loan to make sure I have what I need to see those beautiful smiles on my family's faces.


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