November 17, 2009

More Fun At Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time for families to gather and exchange presents, gossip about the members of the family that aren't there and generally just have a good time. What is often overlooked is how much fun families can have together. Why gossip when you could be playing things like Charades or card games like Spoons? Great game by the way!

I know when we get together at my Mom's house, it's a mad house. We have been blessed with a very large family and it's crazy around there on Christmas Eve, but it's fun. The kids are running around and playing. The older kids are trying to round up the smaller ones and the smaller ones are trying to sneak up to the goodie table. Like I said, It's fun but it almost always causes a huge headache before the night is over. It's chaos, plain and simple.

What I wish we'd do is ohhhh I don't know, maybe take some control back from the young ones and try to control just a little bit of the chaos. Not all, Just a bit. Like maybe play games or watch old family videos or even just sing Christmas Carols. I'm fairly certain the munchkins would never allow it though. They're just children and running around screaming as loud as possible seems to be what they do best. I suppose i'd take listening to them having a good time over them crying or fighting any day and luckily on Christmas Day, I can sit at home and play online bingo in peace.

Ohhhhhhh the Joys of Christmas!


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