November 6, 2009

A New Furbaby

We've got a new addition to our family. She's about 7 pounds, 4 of those pounds being hair, big brown eyes and a very sweet disposition. I've tried all day to get a decent picture of her but she's just not cooperating so far. So here ya go. look real close lol.

She's a Yorkiepoo and she's adorable. Minnie pretty much hates her so far, but she hates anything she see's as competition for her Mommy's affection. Diesel, is so jealous of her he can hardly stand it. I walked her this morning and he was not at all happy that I paid attention to her, even momentarily. Sarge pretty much doesn't care one way or another. He's in his own little world as usual and not much gets to him.

She's housebroken, she's sweet and HOPEfully her and Minnie will become friends. She'd be good company for her if she'd give her a chance. Someone her own size to play with.

I named her Nikki Lee. The kids aren't all that happy about it lol, because she's named after Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. They think it's a dumb name but I think it's cool and I buy the dog food so the name shall stick. She's goofy like Tommy and her hair sticks up like Nikki's.........I think it fits her!


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