November 30, 2009

The Official Holiday Kickoff

AKA- Thanksgiving Day. All in all it went pretty well really. There was way too much to eat, the kids yelled, screamed, ran and had fun in general and there was hardly any drama at all. I call this a success. When it comes to 4 sisters there's ALWAYS something that can come up but this year it went great for the most part. So I was thankful for that.

Sooooooooo here we are now getting ready for Christmas. let me tell ya I haven't done anything yet. I didn't do any shopping on Black Friday. I've decided that those crowds are just too freakin crazy and i haven't found a sane person who participates in them yet. I'm just sayin.......

I have been shopping Craigslist a little and looking around online, but mostly with my kids being 3 adults and one teen, I have no clue what to get them really. I usually don't have to ask them for a Christmas list because I pretty well know what they want but this year, they'll need to get to writing one 'cause i'm pretty well stumped except for Tyler. He wants an Electric guitar to go with his long hair. Gawd help us all. I think *I* want earplugs for Christmas.

Well, it's time to make the donuts. Customers already calling in griping because they bought stuff Thursday and it's on sale lower today and we don't give money back on promotions. You'd think if they were such savvy shoppers they'd have known to wait til Cyber Monday to buy from online lol. Sheesh.


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