November 17, 2009

The Queens Meme...A Paranormal Experience

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This weeks Theme for the Queens Meme is : ~Do You Believe In Magic~

1. Tell us about your superstitions. Do you have any? Do you "x out" black cats on the windshield of your car, avoid cracks in the sidewalk or practice other rituals that make you feel safer?
Don't have any? Come on now! Make up some....

I don't really have any superstitions except for one. I won't lie about someone being sick if they aren't. Ya know how people call into work and say they're kid is sick or someone died so they can take a day off? Wellllllllll, I'm convinced that if I do this, it WILL happen.

2. Has anything paranormal ever happened to you that you can write about?

Two things actually. In our old house, we had a ghost. In general he was quiet but every now and then we'd piss him off and he'd slam doors. Nothing else, just slam doors. Other than that he seemed to be someone who looked out for us. Twice in about 6 years I was awakened by a really strange sound like a Zippo lighter being opened and closed. Both times there were things going on in the house that could have been dangerous. One was a pan of oil left on the stove with the oven on and it was smoking and the other was a heater sparking. I'm almost positive the ghost was that of a man who had died in our front yard in a fiery car wreck before we moved there. His daughter was Ashley's best friend. He never messed with us except the doors and the strange sound but he sure scared the crap out of the chihuahua the first month or so we lived there.

The other was recently when we went to "Ghost Road" Everyone but me saw the figure of a man walk across the road from about 50 yards away. They could see through him and he was the same color as the dirt road. It was weird because they all sort of gasped at the same time and turned much whiter than the ghost they described. Read about Ghost Road sometime, you'll see why I believe them.

3. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
Care to share?
Only that time I was given a triple dose of morphine at the hospital because 2 people didn't notate my chart. I didn't see any lights or anything, just remember the nurse slapping me trying to wake me up.

4. Pheromones...aka "love fireworks" (I think I remember those)...are a force to be reckoned with. Do you believe that two people can have an uncontrollable chemical reaction to each other? How do you know this to be true?

Oh yes it's for how I know, just take my word for it lol.

5. Do you believe that modern day witches can put spells on people?
If so, who would you like to hoodoo and why?

Do I believe? No, Do I wish I could if I were a Witch? Oh yeah. Who would I hoodoo? I'd hoodoo my stalker, only it would be for her own good though. I'd put a spell on her dumbass and the idiots she now sends here to stalk me. What would it do to them? The stalker would have an extraordinary urge to get a job and stop using her children as pawns to get her way as well as get over her fascination with me. The idiots would stop enabling her and encourage her to move on with her life just as I have. What she's doing isn't healthy for anyone. It's GREAT for my blog stats though lol

6. ESP! What do those letters stand for in your life?

EEEEKS, Stalkers!! Peeeeeeeeew!

7. Do you ever hear strange noises in your house?
If so, what do they sound like?

Only the Chihuahua snoring and the Rottweiler Farting.

8. Tell us about a time you "knew" something was going to happened before it did. Are you one of those intuitive types or do you know someone who is ? Do tell.

*I* don't think so but my daughter has recently been banning me from saying " you watch, this is what will happen" She swears it does happen after I say it.

9. I'm a tad gifted in the dream department. Really. Sometimes my dreams are prophetic and come true. It can be a blessing and a curse. Has this ever happened to you? If not, would you like to have this gift? (Be careful what you wish for. It can be freaky at times.)

Twice I've had dreams about things before they happened. The first was the night over 100 tornadoes hit Oklahoma. I was dreaming about my Grandma who lives there and ther were tornadoes all over the place as we were driving down the road to get to her house. The next morning my secretary informed me of the fact that Oklahoma had been inundated with tornadoes the same night.

The second was when I dreamed my son was having pain in his side and ended up needing an appendectomy. Later that day he called me from work telling me he was in pain and when he got home I went and ahead and took him into the ER. Sure enough, he was appendix free 12 hours later. I agree, it's creepy as hell and makes you wonder what dreams will be true and what won't.


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