November 9, 2009

Some Creeps Don't Learn!

I just got through reading an article about Dog Killer, AKA Micheal Vick. The poor little thing isn't happy with his role in football. Gosh......I'm sure i'm supposed to feel sorry for him that he didn't return to his former glory and I'm positive the idiot thinks that we should all just forget what he did that got him sent to prison.

I can honestly say, "Not a Chance In Hell You Sorry SOB!" This man tortured innocent dogs. He electrocuted them. He drowned them. He forced them to fight for their life and his pleasure! When he was caught it was someone else's fault. He blamed it on culture, not knowing any better, saying he just paid for it to happen despite proof that he was directly involved. He's disgusting!

If anything he should be grateful anyone allowed him to come back to football at all in ANY capacity and that they didn't make him pay THEM to be able to play. I personally think that someone like him is just as bad, if not worse than the players who do drugs, guys who shoot themselves accidentally and those who beat their wives. At least with the drugs and the guns they hurt themselves. The wives will wise up eventually and leave. Those dogs had NO ONE to speak for them. No way to get help! And this jerk isn't happy being a backup???

Can ya tell I'm a little peeved here? I wish he'd had to go through a tenth of what he put those poor animal's through. I wish he could feel the pain he inflicted on them. I still can't believe the damn Eagles brought the jerk on their team and can only imagine it was out of some sort of desperation since McNabb is getting hurt so often in the past years. It's still not right though and he has NO right to complain at all. If this ass was brought on the Cowboys team, I wouldn't ever support or watch them until he was gone. That's saying a great deal I promise So i was a good bit disheartened that Eagles fans welcomed him.

Yes I know he supposedly paid his debt. Don't bother me with that detail. I don't believe he's sorry for anything other than the fact that he got caught. Period. He's trash with money and a very cruel streak that no prison time is going to remove and there's no excuse for what he did. He should be on his knees every day thanking God that the Eagles were desperate or whatever it was that prompted them to hire him and simply STFU!




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