November 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday 11-17-09

This week's Theme:

10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do

This one should be easier than last week I think. There's tons of things I'd love to do.

1. Kick out all immigrants without a job and those who refuse to learn English.

2. Knit........I just don't get it. I can crochet but I can't knit. I can KNOT very well however lol. Big big knots!

3. Paint pictures. I can paint wood carvings and plaster and such but actually paint a picture...not so much

4. Draw. My kids can do it and very well, but not me. I'm a stick figure kinda girl.

5. Train my dog to just say "hey, i'd like to go potty". Instead she sits at my feet and cries and cries while I work. It's good that she tells me, but I swear she waits til I get on the phone even though i take her out beforehand.

6. Train my other lil yapper not to attack the bigger dogs. Can ya say Napoleon Complex?

7. Have almost the entire staff at Cleveland High School fired except the ROTC commanders and a few others. I'd start with the wicked witch they call a "registrar".

8. Create expensive jewelry. *I* don't like to wear it but for those who do I'd have no problem creating it and taking your money.

9. Find my other sister In Oklahoma. If anyone knows Shanna Rae Capps tell her to find me dangit.

10. Invent a way to keep the grass mowed without actually having to do it.......blech

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