Ten On Tuesday 11-24-09  

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This Week's Edition Is: 10 Things You are Thankful For

1. My kids and the man I love, I consider myself very blessed
2. That My kids are healthy
3. My Mom, Dad, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews and I guess the Brother-In Laws too lol, don't tell em though.
4. Working from home so I can make a living and still be a Mom
5. All the times that I didn't know how we were going to make it but somehow we did. It's made us stronger as people and as a family.
6. That Hanna, my niece, hasn't had a seizure in close to 6 months and is now in school and doing wonderful.
7. That Life in general continues to get better
8. The new project I prayed for is something I understand and like doing
9. For My furbabies who love me, pin me down in the blankets on the bed and stalk me whereever I go.
10. Last but in no way least, My friends who listen to me bitch, cry, laugh, scream and still lubs me through it all.


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