November 3, 2009

Ten On Tuesday-Wastin Time Edition

This weeks Topic: 10 Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

1. Pogo ( I swear it's the most addictive site ever created)
2. Myspace (I love it, but why??? It really does nothing for me and Facebook is almost worse)
3. Google Earth ( sure it's cool but do you know how old some of those images are?)
4. Yahoo Chatrooms ( Seriously, have you ever been in one? There's not a single fat chick with moles or bald beer bellied guy in the place, just ask em. They'll be happy to provide you with a picture of someone else to prove it.
5. Youtube (I've never learned a thing but it's entertaining sometimes)
6. The penguin bowling game ( there's so much that's not right with this game but it's fun anyway!)
7. Myspace applications ( Be a mobster or a rockstar.whatever....people love these but what do they get out of it? NOTHING, BIG waste, lots of fun..sorta)
8. Reading the Craigslist "missed connections" boards. Seriously, what are the chances you'll see a hottie at the supermarket, you post about them on Craigslist and they actually see it and NOT think you're a moron? I'm just sayin.....It is highly entertaining reading though. Great way to kill some time)
9. Online Quizzes ( you can now find out what kind of dog you are, the cereal that fits you best and even what your poo tells about you.)
10. Looking on Ebay for items not overpriced, Good LUCK lol


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Americanising Desi said...

you should add fb games to ur list :)