November 18, 2009

Win Auctions....Free!

I think I may have found one of the coolest things ever. Ok, well maybe not THAT cool but pretty great at least. I like free stuff a lot! I also like winning auctions. Now I can do both at one great place. Listia is a free auction site. It costs no money to use it, list on it or sell on it.

The way it works is you get credits for signing up and you get credits for selling items. You can arrange to pick items up locally or you can choose to have items shipped to you. You do have to pay for that part but the item itself is free except for the credits you bid on it.

I was looking around there this evening and found quite a few things that would make great Christmas gifts and since they're free, that makes them even better great Christmas presents lol. I'm actually surprised that I haven't heard of this place before. It really is a well thought out idea and the site is extremely easy to use and understand. Huge bonus there.

There's an option to donate credits from items you sell to charities. There's an option to buy credits if you need them quickly as well. You can earn credits by getting friends to sign up and you can get credits by linking your facebook and twitter accounts too. They've made it really easy to start enjoying this service.

I'm working on earning credits so I can try to win this for Ashley. It's just funky and different enough that she'd like it.
All in all Listia is a pretty neat way to clean out some of that stuff you just can't bear to throw away but don't want to bother listing on other auctions or free sites. Check it out and see what you think. You might find something you just can't live without.


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