December 18, 2009

Algebra Anyone?

Due to the fact that Ashley had to be homeschooled for a short period, she is having to catch up on credits in Public School. Even Redneck Hell ISD makes students accumulate so many credits in order to graduate. Soooooooo, we're working really hard on getting her caught up. I can tell you it's pretty close to being a nightmare. Why?

Well, to catch up on the credits she has to work on these computer programs. It's a self paced tutorial that tells the student the information and then quizzes them on what they learned. The problem is that Ash's learning disability is pretty much ONLY in Math. So, she goes to the teacher and tells them she doesn't understand the tutorial and they say "the answers are multiple choice, just keep choosing different answers til you pass." No, I'm not kidding.

Between my work schedule and the fact that I hate Math, I'm not much help to her. Tyler has helped her a bit but it's 12th grade stuff and he's only in 7th so he only knows so much. So she just isn't getting the math answers she needs as far as really learning to do this stuff.

I've thought about finding her some sort of online math tutoring to see if that would be a viable answer to the problem. She HAS to pass this course in order to graduate though so maybe it can't hurt. Any insight she can get into solving the math problems would be helpful at this point.

She needed chemistry help and we were able to help her with that. I was always really good in the sciences, just not Algebra. Thank goodness she didn't need Precalculus help or statistics help too. I am definitely going to look into the online tutoring option, but for more than one subject it might be a little more than I can afford. We'll see.


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