December 14, 2009

Catching Up

Sooooooooo, in the true spirit of the "Winter" season, I've been sick as a dog. I've literally pretty much laid in the recliner pondering death by cold medicine. Ok, maybe not that bad but pretty bad regardless. The bad thing is that i think it wasn't a cold after all but a severe allergy. The even worse thing.......I think it's the Christmas tree I'm allergic to.

I'm not sure WHY i'd be allergic to it. It's just a Douglas Fir. Nothing weird or different but I got sick when it came in the house and I set it up. There's been no let up in symptoms til I got some severe allergy medication rather than taking regular cold medication. I'm thinking maybe there's something that the tree was sprayed with that i'm allergic to rather than the tree itself but who knows really? I just plan to stay away from it as much as is possible.

So, now I have several days to catch up on for my "True Spirit" Series. I'd have already been caught up but apparently someone decided to hack my blog over the weekend. A sad pathetic someone at that most likely. The effort was wasted though since everything that is available, is available in plain site. Nothing is hidden. Soooooooo I hope they had fun. I needed a new look anyway, so it's all good I suppose. I just wish some people could move on with their life and stop insisting on keeping me in theirs. If they'd been as diligent in their marriage as they are in keeping tabs on me, I wouldn't be involved anyway lol. I tell ya, I manage to get in trouble without even knowing it! Like a Super Duper Trouble Magnet or sumthin.

Anyway, I've just about got the blog back where it should be so once I take my next break at work, I'll catch up on the series and get a few other things done as well. Wish me luck, Imma need it!


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Thom said...

I'm sorry you have been sick. I hope you get better real soon :)