December 15, 2009

Christmas Uhh, Fun

Ya Know I keep saying that I love the Holidays. I decided today that I only THINK I love the Holidays. I've been trying to talk myself into loving this madness for years now and I've finally come to the conclusion that lying to myself isn't helping anything.

That said, I'm fairly sure that if I didn't have to go anywhere to shop or deal with the grumpy people also trying to convince themselves that they love this season, i'd be okay and could live with my delusions just fine. The sad fact is I HAVE to actually deal with people and for the most part it seems that there are quite a few Mother's and Father's out there that should have put their children in time out while they had the chance.

I don't mean the little kids or even teenagers either. I'm talking about grown ups.....well, people who are supposed to be grownup anyway. It's crazy out there!! I went to the store the other day and was about to pick up a set of journals for Ashley that have been out at LEAST 3 months. As I reached for them I swear I heard this woman growl as she snatched them up. Considering she was older than me, was about 2' taller and had a cane, i figured my chances weren't too good of snatching it back so I didn't press my luck. I was probably lucky she didn't just whack me for reaching for it. ::Sigh:: If only My Mother hadn't taught me to be respectful to the elderly.

Anyway, to avoid further incidents i'm looking for great shipping deals and online sales. There's quite a few out there thank goodness so that's at least helpful and i don't have to worry about being bitten or beat with a cane. Tyler is wanting some cargo pants to go with his new grungy look. It's all part of his " I will be a Rock Star someday" plan. So, while looking for something along those lines I found some Burton cargo pants that he'd probably like. I'll have to ask one of his grungy friends to be certain though. I hate shopping for teens!
I hope wherever you are, shopping is safer and more fun and well, more like Christmas. If not, shop online too!


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Rene' Morris said...

Oh my gosh! I wonder if you had an encounter with my MIL!!!!! Sound like it! LOL

Lidian said...

I know just what you mean. I was on line at the bookstore today, clutching my stuff, behind a lady who kept jostling me and whacking me with her purse and her stupid books, and she is lucky I am so polite and retiring and so on. On the outside, anyway.

The holidays do not bring out the best in shoppers, I believe. After tomorrow I hope to have all of my shopping done (though probably not)