December 18, 2009

Stalker Watch 2009

As 2009 winds down I've decided to start keeping count of exactly how many visits I receive from my stalker. (It currently stands at 1258 visits since January 1st)Why am i counting now? Well first, I have my reasons that I've been advised not to divulge, but mostly just because it's fun to make fun of her and frankly she really makes it easy.

I guess she thinks it bothers me that she's here so often. Apparently her and her whackjob family and drunk friends thought I was kidding when I thanked them for all the money they make me by visiting daily and clicking links. I'm not bothered at all, I love it. I even asked her to have the rest of her family get involved too. They make me money while I do other things. Awesome huh? If anyone needs to borrow her let me know. I can come post on your site and she'll come look to see if I say anything about her. They are falling down on the job as far as clicking links but if you have any posts about jewelry, bad mothers, psychotic females in Jacksonville Florida or pretty much anything else, just let me know and I will hook ya up. I'm happy to share the wealth lol.


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Xmichra said...

you have such a good attitude about this! I don't make any money, but stalkers generally don't bother me either. It's the life lon friend gone a$$hat that bothers me. *shrugs*, what can ya do though?

Tammy said...

Hi Nessa, you won the Gone In Sixty Seconds cream from my contest. Email me your address at so I can get it sent to you. Congratulations!