December 14, 2009

True Holiday Spirit-Part 2

Okay, So now that I am not sick anymore, well mostly, and I've mostly fixed my blog, here are a few tips to help get through this holiday season with Joy in your heart while blessing others as well.

1. Homeless Shelters are always needing blankets and coats as well as shoes. I gave away 3 jackets that my boys never even got to wear over the weekend to a local charity. The weather was just so mild last year that they never needed them, but it's not so nice this year so far. I'm sure they'll be enjoyed by someone who can use them.

2. Consider buying a gift for a woman in a Women's' Shelter. If you can't buy something, consider donating gently used clothing. The women in these shelters need every bit of help they can get to make this change in their life a permanent one. The first step is leaving the abusive situation, the second is learning to sustain themselves. Part of that is having the confidence in themselves to keep pressing on. Looking nice helps inspire that confidence.

3. Do your kids have too many toys? Explain to them that there are kids who don't have any. Let them help you go through the toy box to donate gently used toys to other children. I think this is one way to really teach children to give from the heart and it also makes room for new goodies from Santa.

4. Are you a freebie freak? Do you sign up for every freebie and now have a ton of them? Check with a local homeless shelter to see if they could use the items. You don't have to give it ALL away, just some! You know you'll be signing up for more anyway :)

5. Don't forget the Food pantry's. Donate non perishables from your pantry or buy some at the store and donate them there. All the stores in my area have a special place where you can donate food. Also consider donating cash if possible. The pantry's have buying power and can stretch $5 a heck of a lot farther than you or I can.

6. talk to your church family and see about putting together a group of people to sing Christmas Carols at nursing homes or Assisted living centers

More to come.....stay tuned!!


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