January 5, 2010

Back Porch Blues

Ever had a place in your house that you just can't seem to fit with the rest of the house? For me it's my back porch. Yes, I know that it's the BACK porch and it's not really seen by anyone but us but I like sitting out there on nice days and I really wish it were more comfortable. I can use my new Dallas Cowboys Chair that I got for Christmas out there, but that's just ONE chair.

I got some Begonias when they were on clearance and put them in some decorative planters and that helped a little but it still doesn't look exactly right. I am thinking about finding a patio table of some type and putting another smaller planter on it. I love flowers and herbs and such so I am sure I can find something that will work. There are frequently free patio tables offered on a local website that I could likely get a nice table from. I might have to paint it or clean it up bu that would be okay. Once I do that I'd just need to get some swivel stools or even some bar stools to go with it. I'm really interested in the tables that sit a little higher than normal. So that would look great and be pretty economical too.

That will cover some of the issue but I'm not sure that will completely do the trick. I did find some articles discussing painting the deck wood in patterns and such as well as adding lattice to let climbing plants grow. This would be ideal in the spring and summer for added privacy but not so much in the winter. I have a Jasmine plant I can take clippings off of to get it started so that would be easy enough to get it looking nice in a hurry if I go that route.

Bottom line is that I like being outside. The rest of the house is decorated nicely. I need this porch to fit in. I'm sure with time I'll get it the way I want it but am absolutely not known for my patience lol, more like my lack of any.


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