January 4, 2010

Monday Mayhem-Months Of The Year Meme

Monday Mayhem is brought to us by Harriet. Here's a bit about it:
Welcome to Monday Mayhem where no two Mondays are the same.
This week we will be focusing on the months of the year.
This meme is brought to us by Anna- the Chocoholic.

Many of us are stuck inside during the month of January.
What is your favorite indoor activity?
Lately it's kicking my kids' butts on Wii Sports. It's the only good thing I've found about the Wii so far.

Who will be your Valentine this year?
My man. He's Hubba hubba :)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, what is your favorite green item?
The new shirt I got yesterday that says "That's how I roll". It has the Grinch on it on top of the sleigh full of presents. Very cute.

What is the funniest April Fool's Day joke that you can think of? It can be one that has been done or one that you'd love to hear about.
I've never really thought about it, April 1st was just always another day til last year when my cutie pie nephew was born on it.

What's the best thing you can say about your mother?
We didn't have alot when we were kids and things could have been better but we were never without what we needed. She always made it work somehow.

What makes a father a good father?
It's being available to your kids in whatever way you can. Father's aren't paychecks or punishers when Mom doesn't want to be the bad guy.

What do you do to be patriotic?
I'm always patriotic. Not just in July. What do I do? I support my country. I fly my flags. I visit Bobby's grave and thank him and others like him for their bravery and service. I work and try to be a person my country can be proud of rather than a drain on it. I volunteer to help those who need it and I do my best to be a good person all the way around.

What do you do when you feel lazy?
Put in a movie to watch and fall asleep usually

What is your fondest school memory?
I hated school. Seriously! If I had a favorite memory I guess it'd be when I won the school Spelling Bee.

What scares you?
The thought of anything happening to my kids or family. Other than that, I'm not too big a wuss about most things.

Describe your ideal family gathering.
One where the whole family is together including nieces and nephews but there is no freaking piano to play. I get the worst headaches from the kids banging on that thing at my Moms.

If you could give a very special gift to someone special, what would it be and who would you give it to?
It would be my son Daniel. He is working so hard to save up to buy his own car and be more independent and he does so much to help here around the house when needed. I'd get him the car he needs and let him use what he's saved to spice it up or spend it anyway he wants.


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Thom said...

LOL...kicking your kids butts on the Wii too funny. Bobby is? I like your patriotic answer. Well done:) Have a great MM :)

I am Harriet said...

I am so addicted to Wii bowling. And, I stink at it! :)

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just made many new emo backgrounds in my blog