January 4, 2010


During my Meme reading this morning I saw an ad that mentioned "getting paid to do what I already do". Well, I do an awful lot so I decided to have a look and see what it was all about. I clicked the link to go to Trekpay and I signed up. Whoever gets credit for that your welcome, I hope I make you a ton of cash.

Now if someone could just explain it to ME I'd be really grateful. I've read every page on the site that I can find and so far I have no clue really what it is I do that they want to pay me for. I THINK it may have to do with seeing ads and/or searching through their site. I can't be sure though because it doesn't really tell you.

What I can tell you are these few things:
A. They apparently are currently in Beta and a new thing is coming up that will be in their words "Koo L"
B: They are paying weekly via paypal
D: There's some sort of bonus going on but I couldn't tell you what the bonus is because they don't tell you either other than it's cash. A penny extra could be considered a bonus though so I'm not positive the bonus is much to squeal about. I could be wrong though.
D: The site isn't very professionally built however it DOES say it's in Beta and to be fair there are plenty of very professional looking sites that are total rip offs so if this one really pays, who cares what the site looks like?
E: They have this evil little message that comes up after you click on their advertisers links. I almost feel like my legs could be broken if I don't do something exactly right. Here's what it says.
So anyway, does anyone else know anything about them? I can't imagine they pay a ton but I'm willing to give them a chance to keep me occupied for a few minutes a day if it results in something good. Plus now that I've gone through all the trouble to sign up and read their entire site, i'd like to know what the heck the deal is lol. I gathered a few minutes ago that If I click on their links on the search page, it gives me credits. I've clicked on 4 links and have 0 credits still and I get that creepy message above each time I click on one of their links.

Soooooooo, feel free to sign up, let me know if you find out anything or if you already know what the deal is. The first person to tell me will get my entire January earnings via paypal. Yes, I'll hang with it that long to see what happens.


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Thom said...

Can't help ya. I stay as far away from these make money things on my blog as I can. I don't get any of them LOL :)