February 16, 2010

Time.....How It Flies

I'm not even going to get into where i've been the last month or so. It's not a lot different than my previous disappearing acts so no one has missed anything really. I can pretty much recap it all in a few sentences.

I felt like hell
Ash went to the military ball
Daniel bought himself a truck
The older three lost their Grandma last Thursday, we buried her yesterday.

Exciting huh? not that I mean to sound callous about the death of my former Mother in law. She was a good lady and she was good to me. I'm also not unexcited for my kids, i'm just still feeling like hell. I'll post pics later of Daniels truck and Ash's military ball stuff as well.

I've been hanging out on facebook too a lot. Not sure why really since it's about as interesting as talk radio but while I've been sick I've discovered facebook games and have become a Farmtown, Fishville, Farkle2, Zoo World, Countrylife, Mytown playin fool. I couldn't do anything else.....might as well play in virtual worlds right?
If you have facebook you can look for me under Vanessa Capps Miles. You'll need to tell me where your blog is because not all friend requests will be accepted. Sorry.....I just try to keep some of my life out of prying eyes, particularly those of the weirdo's sent to stalk me by the Florida Cow, AKA "It" and "Crazy bitch". I haven't checked lately, but it's possible she finally is leaving me alone herself but i'm sure her equally messed up mother and gawd knows who else is still coming here to read. Oh well,I can only suggest they seek psychiatric help, can't force them to get it. ::sigh::

Ok, time to go lay back down for a bit. Scheduled to work at 1 today and with this headache.........it's not likely i'll make it without some intervention now.

Hugs to my pals


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