April 5, 2010

The Drama Continues

So BB Boy, Aka My 14 year old son Tyler still has the bb in his hand. As it turns out, according to x-rays, the bb passed from the point of entry in his palm up to the top of his hand and has lodged between the 3r and 4th knuckle. This apparently means that surgery is necessary. He saw an Orthopedic doctor last week and surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday. I'll be so glad to have this over with. I know Tyler will too but I think i'm more stressed than he is over it. I cannot stand the idea of him needing to be under anesthesia for anything, much less over something so completely needless. I get that boys do dumb things. His older brothers did quite a few themselves, but this tops it all.

As stressed as I am over it, his brothers are mad. They have always taught Tyler gun safety and the rule is "EVERY gun is loaded". So it's not like he didn't know better or hadn't been taught how to handle guns. He definitely was. The guns have now been taken away but the damage is done. Maybe literally. His doctor says that it's entirely possible that because the bb is lodged near a nerve that there could be permanent damage in his hand. So we may be looking at therapy for his hand for awhile as well.

Soooooooooo, because of this happening I thought maybe I'd share a few links with other parents regarding BB gun safety.

BB Gun Safety Rules
4-H BB Rifle Safety Guide
Daisy Safety Rules

They all basically have the same rules with a few additions here and there and cover some things that parents may not think of to teach their kids. I can't say that reading them stopped Tyler from hurting himself, but until there is a cure found for "teenageritis", I'm afraid there are plenty more boys and girls apt to do dumb things. Maybe someone else reading these WILL prevent an accident though. I can hope anyway.

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