April 21, 2010

Have a Video Recorder? Want To Help A Charity?

Energizer has launched a new campaign and asked me to tell you about it! This new campaign is to help launch one of it's newest products. The Energizer® Recharge Smart Charger is simply an awesome idea. I am a huge fan of rechargeable batteries since my kids use batteries in their video game controllers, camera's hand held games and well, too many other things to list. Before I was introduced to how convenient rechargeables were I probably spent anywhere from $30-50 a month on batteries. When I converted to rechargeable batteries my initial investment was probably $30 but i haven't bought any batteries since then. That was about a year ago, maybe even just a little more than a year. SUPER savings there!

Well now, I'm just about drooling over this new Smart charger. It has 3 new features that my current Energizer battery does not have.

  • A countdown clock with large LCD numbers displays how much charging time remains

  • A fuel gauge communicates the current level of power in the batteries

  • A bad-battery detector alerts users if the batteries are no longer useful or if they’ve inserted a disposable battery by mistake

These new features will take a good bit of guesswork out of which batteries need to be charged first, why some aren't charging and when they are done so that they can be taken out. My current charger has some level lights but I'm never really certain what they mean. So I'm excited about this. Like I said we use a ton of batteries around here!

To celebrate this new product, Energizer has come up with a great idea. An opportunity for their young customers to show their creativity and raise money for their favorite charity. Energizer wants to know what kind of mischief your kids get in when they're favorite battery powered toys are without battery power. If your kids are like mine, I bet they get into A LOT of mischief. Like oh I don't know......shooting themselves in the hand with a bb gun maybe? Still can't believe my son did that! If your kids do something as silly and hopefully not as dangerous, they could raise money for their favorite charity just by doing a 60 second video and uploading it to youtube. The first 250 submissions also get a free Energizer® Recharge Smart Charger of their own. The official rules can be found at the Energizer Kids Take Charge website, along with some sample videos.

As a bonus, Energizer has given me the opportunity to give one of my readers a Smart Charger of their very own. You can enter 2 ways.

Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with your Twitter user name here on my blog.

Leave a comment telling why you prefer Rechargeable batteries or why you might consider converting to them.

You can also do both and they will count as 2 entries. A winner will be chosen May 1st 2010 at midnight.


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