April 19, 2010

Oh What Fun......Or Something Like It.

Truthfully, this last month has been anything but fun. I swear if it could go wrong, it did. That's as simple and succinct as I can say it. Tyler shooting himself in the hand, no hours at work, the young man we allowed to stay with us, my Aunt dying, the subsequent pre-funeral drama, etc. You get the point? These were just the highlights.

On the upside, the young man that was living with us has moved out after being asked to do so. He unfortunately forgot to take his drama llama with him but at least it's a bit more peaceful here. He was asked to move after it was discovered that he was texting and emailing 2 different girls telling them that he loves them and wants to be with them, etc. Normally that just would have been teenage drama that I wouldn't pay attention to. This time though it was with 2 girls who have already shown a penchant to take issues out on my daughter rather than the person who did them wrong. It was just the last straw in a great big pile. The girls behaved as predicted. Attacking not only Ashley but myself on Myspace and Facebook for kicking him out and deleting his myspace and facebook pages as he asked us to do. They'll grow up someday maybe and I hope they have daughters exactly like themselves with friends exactly like themselves.

I'll talk more about the funeral in a few as there are some specific things I want to say about that whole debacle. Suffice it to say I'm so happy the drama is over with that whole thing.

I'm still working on my new website. Not that you can tell by looking at it mind you. I haven't published anything just yet since I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with it exactly. The one thing I am happy with there is that the web hosting is in better hands than it was before. With that whole issue I was nothing but frustrated at the breakdown in communication with my former hosting company. It was a totally ridiculous situation and the URL that was stolen isn't even being used so I have no idea why the person bothered to steal it from me in the first place. No telling really. Before I set it up initially I wish I had read more web hosting reviews so that I could get better information as to what I was getting into. Oh well, live and learn right? At least it's better now and my current hosting company is listed high in the reviews. Yayyyyy for me.


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