April 20, 2010

Too much time on their hands?

I've pretty much decided that Freecycle, a non-profit organization that tries to help keep the landfills clear of usable items, is a drama llama. At least my local group is anyway. It never fails that at least once a week one of my local groups has a big blowup and everyone gets their panties in a wad. It's not very often that it's anything important mind you. It's almost always pretty dumb really. I just can't figure out what the deal is.

It's not the fault of the Freecycle Network, it's the users in the individual groups that cause the problem. Freecycle has been in the news for the good things they do and in the grand scheme of things it's a great idea and could be even better, but that's a whole other story. We won't be going there today.

Yesterday the following post was made in my local area. ( Names have been left out to protect the stupid)

Subject: Leftover Clothes In Conroe
The clothes for pick up is all or NOTHING. If someone doesn't confirm pick up tonight I will just dump them off somewhere. I'd rather douse them in gasoline and set them on fire than keep them another day. I want them gone!


The following was posted not once but Three times by someone else in response to this ad:
I believe this is blatant and inappropriate verbage for our organization. We are all part of this WONDERFUL organization that meets many needs, wants, and allows us to give our things to someone who will value them as much as we did.
Making a conscious effort to bully us into wanting what is available by threatening to set them on fire if we don't respond, has no place here.
Moderators - I kindly as you to let me hear from you on this matter.

Now it was apparently posted three times because the link at the bottom of the page was apparently much too difficult to read. You know the one that says "List owner" and gives the email address to contact the moderators. The same thing found on ALL yahoo groups. Plus.....hello? This person didn't even go get the items but she feels bullied? I'm missing something here aren't I?

Not long ago there was a big fight about the fact that the group members were allowed to post animals for free. Sometimes they were strays that showed up, sometimes they were family pets that needed a new home. It got to the point that no matter why the pet needed a home, anyone who posted free animals were subjected to rude, hateful emails about what kind of horrible person they were for giving the pet away. I guess it was better to just keep your mouth shut and take the animals to the pound to be euthanized than to attempt to find a loving home. Gee what were these people thinking?? Try to find a pet a home??? Puh-lease! How irresponsible! Anyway, It was ridiculous but the moderators of the group finally stepped in and made the rule to disallow pets on the Freecycle group itself. Keep in mind most people on the group are over 18, many in their 30's and 40's. Despite the fact that it's almost exclusively adults, the drama continues.

Last night someone had the misfortune to mention on the cafe group where pets ARE allowed that they needed to find a home for a guinea pig. It has somehow turned into a free for all regarding pressing 1 for English and the whole group is up in arms again. I'm not sure what gunea pigs have to do with speaking English because the one I had sure didn't say much other than "weet weet". I'm wondering now if that meant "death to America, the infidel" now. Figures I'd totally miss something like that. Yeah, there's A LOT of sarcasm in that statement.

Anyway, I guess i'm just missing something and should start acting like it seems the majority is so that I'll fit in, but I think I'd rather just keep sitting back and laughing at these people who really need more to do with their life. If nothing else, it's at least entertaining sometimes.

Just so it's clear, Freecyle really is a great thing to join for your community, don't let this story scare you away. You might have more "adults" where you live than I do lol. To join visit the link above and click on "browse groups" at the top or put in your city and state in the " find a group near you" box.

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