June 2, 2010

The Mother's Mantra

"So much to do, So little time". It's never seemed as true as it has here lately for me. I have so much I am trying to accomplish, so much to deal with and so much I know will never get accomplished that it's just driving me nuts! Between working, cleaning, getting ready for Ashley's graduation day, her party, still unpacking, blogging, maintaining relationships, etc..... I need approx 10 more hours a day! And as you can see that's not even including just being a Mom in general.

Where does the time go? I know I spend too much time on facebook, that's a given. I never should have started playing those facebook games. They suck you in and you get nothing out of it. Not even a real sense of accomplishment!. Heck, at least when I played on Pogo there was a chance of winning money in a jackpot spin lol. There's nothing on facebook games! Now don't worry my dear farmville, fishville, Treasure Isle, Farmtown and Tiki Resort pals. I'm not going anywhere. The addiction is strong!!I'm just saying I should be getting more done during the day. Of course it's not just the games that suck me in either though. It's the family connections that exist as well. I dearly love most of my family and have found family members on there that I haven't seen in many many years. It's awesome to see them in pictures again and see their children and spouses, etc.

After Facebook, I'm just not sure where else the time goes. The house is clean. I do that every morning before I do anything else. I keep laundry going throughout the day so that's some time there and i cook dinner and work when there are hours available, but we're still looking at only about 8 hours of the day accounted for. I get up at 6 and I usually can't go to sleep til about 10, sometimes later if i'm stressed out. So only half my day is accounted for but I feel like I'm constantly running to get things done . How can that be?

Maybe I need to make a schedule or keep a journal of everything I do and how long it took. Maybe that will show me where I can grab some time to do the other things I WANT to do, like ohhhhhhhhh I don't know, have a life maybe???


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