July 14, 2010

Catching Up.........Again

I know I know, here I go again. I keep disappearing and then I come back and disappear again. It's not intentional or anything. It's just life interfering with blogging. Sure living life is important, but so is the blogging. It allows me to keep certain people in tune with my life, lets me reach out when things are going well or even badly sometimes and it's a great way to torment my stalkers. I've found that they are never more miserable than they are when I am happy and doing well. You'd think given the fact that I can be rather contrary sometimes that the last one alone would be enough to make sure I come back daily.

Thing is, as much as I enjoy tormenting them, i am also sane and i don't base my entire life on them or their mental issues. That's a good thing and I shall probably continue to always feel that way but I do need to get this blog going again. So, if a little torture here and there can be thrown in that will be cool, otherwise it's business as usual.

So what's going on lately? Here's a recap.....

1. Ashley graduated High school and I now only have 1 child in school. I haven't had that happen in 16 years. So i'm kind of excited about it! 1 set of school clothes,+ 1 set of school supplies=AWESOME

2. We're doing Ashleys paperwork to get her signed up for college. I THINK she's decided to go to Cosmetology school but last week she started mentioning Culinary Arts as well so who knows. She'll have to make up her mind soon though.

3. Jonathon has been working all over the United States and he's learned a few things. He hates Florida ( i'm with him there, it's just nasty), he hates North Dakota even more. He desperately does not want to go to New Jersey. He liked Pittsburgh well enough except for falling in the snow. he's convinced we can erase the national debt by giving North and South Dakota along with Minnesota and Wisconsin to Canada since we clearly don't need them. ( His words, not mine) and he now hates Utah as of about noon yesterday. Probably the most important thing he's learned is to love coming home. I have to say I enjoy the fact that he hates other places. it means I don't have to worry about him meeting some hoochie and trying to move to another state! Total bonus there.

4. I've lost 25 pounds now taking the Purple Tiger. It's amazing how well it works and how much energy it gives me along with being very cost effective. $39.00 for a 60 day supply is awesome!

5. Daniel is preparing for the Navy. he's going to be studying for awhile, about 2 months probably so that he can pass the ASVAB with higher scores and have a better chance of getting the types of positions he wants there. That will also give him time to get other issues squared away so it's all good and he's very excited about the idea. He actually wants to go into the Marines but Jonathon and I put our foot down and told him no way. We've already buried a family friend, there's no way i'm going to chance it. I know that sounds selfish, heck it IS selfish, but I stand by it. He's my son.

6. I spend way too darn much time on facebook, particularly on farmville and now frontierville. I curse the day I ever started playing any of them lol. they take way too much time in my day.

Hmmmmmmmmm, I guess that's the majority of the stuff going on. The important things anyway. Guess it time to go make some lunch and get my baby bunny out to play for a bit. She's getting a new friend today but he's a boy so we're going to have to be very very careful about not letting them "play" together. I definitely don't need anymore baby bunnies hopping around here


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