October 25, 2010

Karma & It's Effects

Have you ever told a little white lie? Maybe an easier question is "who hasn't"? It seems like it won't be a big deal and maybe it never is. Maybe no one ever knows you told it and life moves on. In a perfect world, all lies would be little white ones that hurt no one and do no harm to you or anyone else.

Unfortunately, this is far from a perfect world and lies can impact us all greatly. It doesn't matter what it's about. A lie can literally destroy a life or even many lives, including that of the person who told it.

While I can't say I haven't ever lied, I can honestly say there are a few things I will NEVER lie about. I have this theory that if I lie about these certain things, that they will come true. I think it's part of Karma. If you speak something into existence, there's a greater chance it can happen. So I don't do it.

The list includes the following:
The death of a loved family member........any of them, doesn't matter who. I don't want to lose them, therefore I won't speak it into existence.
I won't claim that someone I care about is sick to get out of something...........they could actually get sick and then what am I going to do?
Anything bad about any of my kids

Basically if it's something I think can come back on me or those I love, I won't say it. Which begs the question as to why I don't lie about people I can't stand, to see if something actually happens to them. If I thought it would work, there might be a few less people in the world. Thankfully though I'm sure that A: it wouldn't work and B: I am a good person and would never do that. Even if I wasn't a good person, I believe firmly in Karma. I firmly believe that you can invite bad things to happen by speaking them into existence.

So when I hear about people who claim a loved one died to achieve their own ends, I wonder why they would do that to themselves. There can be no really good reason to do this. Sure you might get a day off work or a free trip to the "funeral", but what have you actually brought into your life that you didn't want there? Additionally........what are you going to do when the lie is found out or the person really does die? Are you going to say someone else died to cover your grief? Are you going to claim it was someone else that died before and the other person(s) just misunderstood? No matter what, unless you become a recluse and no one ever checks into it after you tell the lie, you're going to be found out.

I don't get why anyone would take the chance. I do know that there are people who will lie about anything to get attention. Nothing and no one is safe in their need to get that fix. I'm related to a few people like this and it never ceases to amaze me and sometimes even hurt me. What really gets to me is how people who do this come to believe their lies after they have told them for so long. They can manage to look hurt, cry, become enraged or even despondent and depressed over things that never even happened or were said..........yet they have convinced themselves that it did. All because they lied. The interesting part is that no matter how many times they tell the lie, the story changes and they don't think that others compare the stories. They really don't seem to understand that others have already figured them out and either just humor them by not calling them on the lie or they just ignore it believing that the person is just mentally off and can't help themselves. Others will call the person on it and distance themself afterwards and the liar just won't accept that they did anything wrong. The liar will convince themselves that they are the victim.

As a kid, heck even up to my teens, I lied a lot. Not to hurt anyone.......I was just so ashamed of some parts of my life that I wanted it to be better so I made it that way. In my stories, I had a perfectly normal family and i had great clothes and lots of boyfriends and no one bullied me or made me feel bad about myself. I lied about most anything and everything in the hopes that someone would see me the way I wanted to be seen. Of course, it didn't quite work that way. Mostly people realized that I was lying and didn't want to be my friend anymore lol. I don't blame them now, but back then I did, because I WANTED to be truthful. I wanted to let them in to see what I saw and felt, but what if they didn't get it? My life was certainly better than some kids......but like any other child, all I cared about was MY life and what i was going through. So, rather than just tell the truth and hope that my friends would stand by me and help me through it, I let those people go and wrote them off as horrible people who accused me of things I didn't do. I can look back and laugh at it all now because I have since grown up and I don't do these things anymore but back then it was pretty bad.

That's what brings me to this post today. I know of someone who is claiming someone else died and it certainly appears that they didn't at all. It makes me wonder why they would tell the lie at all and how do they live with their conscience? It seems to me that life is hard enough as it is. I don't know why anyone would intentionally make it harder but then, I suppose it doesn't matter. In the long run, all I can do is be honest and live my life in such a way that I have nothing to fear and stand by my beliefs. That way what I speak into existence are good things. Things I can be proud of. Things that make me smile. Things that fill my heart. Things that fill the heart of others.

Sure I can still be influenced by outside forces. I know that. However the better *I* live my life, the less chance the negative has of sticking to me and when I do go meet my maker, I go with a clear conscience knowing there are people who love and believe in me. In the end, isn't that what really matters?

Karma.........you can be a fierce foe...........but I am not afraid of you, I shall see you as a friend.


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