November 13, 2010

Hmmmmm, this is who exactly??

When we first moved to this house i noticed that my dogs were really afraid of the bathroom for some reason. That in itself doesn't mean a lot depending on the dog. Diesel is a very nervous guy who is startled by pretty much everything. Thank God there's not a lot of call to act like a guard dog because he just doesn't have it in him really. Sarge is like a Monkey on crack. He'd have to actually pay attention to know anything was going on. Minnie and Nikki though, they're tough little girls who take no crap, not even off the big boys. They run the house and they are the ones who are scared of my bathroom. So if something bugs them, they generally make it pretty clear. Like I said, I knew there was an issue with the bathroom but I actually thought it was because it stays so cold in there.

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, I was talking on the phone to my man and i felt something touch my head. I thought at first that my ponytail moved or something and that's what it was so i was a little creeped out but not too bad. The 2 more times there was a much heavier touch on the top of my head. I started crying then lol. Phillip was trying to calm me down but I was pretty unhappy. It was weird!

I didn't tell the kids about it at first. I thought I was losing my mind sort of anyway. Then Tyler took this picture .

Tyler says he was laying on the couch and he liked the way the sun was coming through the door. That's what the white blur is. The person behind the blur............well that's a different story. The person is too slim to be Daniel and he was asleep at the time anyway, Tyler was laying down and couldn't have thrown a shadow of a person standing up. Especially not with the way the lighting works in this house. Jonathon was working in Boston so it wasn't him. it's clearly a man, so that leaves Ashley out and I wasn't here. There's no one else for it to be, but who is it?

I have tried to recreate the situation and so far I can't. I don't WANT it to be a ghost or anything spooky but I'm kind of starting to wonder. I can say I don't feel any danger here. Nothing like that, but this picture creeps me the hell out. I just wish he'd taken it with a regular camera rather than a cell phone.


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