November 14, 2010

I’m a little peeved. Okay, I’m A LOT peeved. I’d personally like to go to Wal-Mart, smack around a manager and teach him a few manners. Why? Because my nephew is doing something awesome and this manager seems to be a moron.

My nephew is 7 years old. He signed up at school to participate in a jump rope fund raiser for The American Heart Association. He decided to raise $2,000. Now as adults, we know that’s a great deal of money, and so does my nephew, but he doesn’t understand just how hard it will be to raise that much. I admire his goal though and his tenacity in trying to raise the money for such a wonderful cause. He has gone door to door with his Mom in tow asking for donations. He asked his Mom to take him to other neighborhoods as well. He really wants to raise this money!

Today he decided that he should go to Wal-Mart in Montgomery ,Texas and ask if he could set up to take donations there. He was even going to jump rope to show people how talented he was to get them to donate. Personally, I think he’s a GENIUS!! Well, my sister took him up there and the Wal-Mart manager stated that he could not do so because it would only benefit my nephew. Say WHAT? He even implied that the money might not all go to the school’s fundraiser. As if my nephew might keep some of it? This is one of those times it’s a good thing I don’t live near my sisters because I think this guy needs a pop in the mouth and I’m just the Aunt to deliver it!

Despite my sister explaining how much he was trying to raise, that it was for the American Heart Association and that he most certainly would turn in every dime, the manager said no. That might not be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that they allow others to ask for donations all the darn time!

Girl Scouts are selling cookies to be recognized for selling the most cookies in their troop. The girl scouts as a whole might do things to help their community but ultimately the little gals will chase you down to get you to buy cookies because they get a badge for it. (I’m just waiting for someone to sue them for making them fat if you want to know the truth, but that’s another story. Helloooooooo Thin Mints!) Anyway, all my nephew gets is the satisfaction of helping people who need it. So it’s okay to shoot for a badge, but not to help people?

At my local Wal-Mart I’ve been approached by people raising money to help teens like themselves that are in drug rehab facilities. The person requesting the money looks like a crackhead, not a recovering one either, and it’s okay for THEM to stand at the front of the store, but not for my nephew to raise money for a major charity. I donated but I feel sure that there was as much chance it would go to a guy on a street corner as there was it would help anyone else. I mean, my nephew is a redhead and he has a few teeth missing, but he’s 7 and many of his class mates are about the same. He’s no crack head, recovering or otherwise.

Just last week, I was approached by 3 young black girls, asking for donations. I asked what they were raising money for and they said they were doing something with their church. They were a little unsure it seemed about WHY they were doing the fundraising and they were harassing white people who were declining to donate. They could have harassed other races too, but I didn’t see that. I gave them $10 because if they really were doing something with the church that’s something to be encouraged, but their manners left a great deal to be desired. The point is, my nephew wouldn’t have harassed anyone. He’s a cute little guy who wants to do some good. Period.

I think Wal-Mart needs to remember that they were supposedly founded on the ideals of “community” and American pride. What’s more American than wanting to help people who need it? Especially when it’s a SEVEN year old!! Other kids can’t be bothered. They want to play video games, play outside with their friends or text til they get arthritis. They aren’t looking to do something to help others. My nephew is though and he should be allowed to do so. Gawd how many times have you seen people in the Wal-Mart parking lot giving away free puppies or kittens because they were too irresponsible to get their dog fixed? That’s okay, but don’t let a child ask to get donations to help others. Nope can’t have that!

I’m already peeved at the morons who run the Cleveland Wal-Mart for trying to run every customer leaving the store through a strip search. Okay well, it might not be THAT bad but it’s pretty freaking annoying. The door greeters are told to check receipts for every person who leaves. That might not be so bad except that the door greeters are almost always elderly and they can’t friggin SEE!!! So they spend 10 minutes trying to find the dog food on the list. I pretty much refuse to participate and have been known to just hand them the receipt and keep walking or walk by and say “ nothing stolen today, thanks” as I stroll by. It’s stupid and I don’t understand why they are the ONLY one out of the 6 I can drive to locally that do this. With Christmas coming up I will NOT be shopping there. Last year it was as long to get out of the store at the door as it was to wait in line to check out. Screw that!

Anyway, I think I’m going to call this Wal-Mart manager tomorrow , ask again what his objections are and then I’m going to report him to the newspaper. I just think his answer is absolutely ridiculous and I want him to at least apologize to my nephew for implying he could be anything less than honest. What a jerk!
Hopefully we can help him get to his goal, but if not, it won’t be for lack of him trying.


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Sharyn said...

Nessa, you could get him some donations by putting all the online anger at Walmart to work. Let me know if you post a fundraiser on your blog and I'll pledge.