November 30, 2010

It's A KungZhu Fun Time!

Have you heard about the new Zhu Zhu Hamsters this Christmas season? If not, let me tell you, these Hamsters are ready for battle and still just as cute as their more tame cousins. Thanks to Mom Select/MommyParties, I got a chance to share these cuties with some great munchkins and they had a blast. Just like the ZhuZhu Pets, these tough guys make the cutest sounds, they just do it in battle armor with "weapons". The best thing about these for a parent is, they have the cuteness of a fuzzy little hamster, but no mess to clean up, no food, no water. Just 100% fun.

While these Kung Zhu's are more directed to the boys, make no mistake. The girls like them too. In a big way! I've heard there are also some Fashion Model Hamsters as well that are very much girlyfied but none of the litttle girls at our party cared if their Hamster was decked out in battle gear or all dolled up. The girls just loved how cute they were and the boys loved the new "tough" look.

All in all it was a great time! Thanks to MomSelect/MommyParties and the makers of the ZhuZhu pets for a chance to put some fun smiles on some adorable faces.

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