December 17, 2010

The Best Christmas App EVER!

My sister Traci posted this on facebook a few days ago and it's something every parent should do for their young kids. ( If you celebrate Christmas that is)Portable North Pole has made it possible to send personalized video's from Santa to your kids, via email. The kid gets to see personal facts about themselves like pictures, they're age, toys they are wanting for Christmas, you name it. It's completely awesome!

None of my kids are really young enough to do this for so I sent one to my nephew Ty. SOMEONE who will remain nameless, but might sound like Decky, hasn't told me yet what he thought of it lol, but I'm sure he liked it at the very least. What 7 year old kid wouldn't love a personalized video from Santa?

Watch Ty's and then go to Portable North Pole and make some of your own for your kids or significant other. They'll love it and you'll love the price. FREE!One tip......if you want to include a picture of the toy or item your child is asking for........get all that together before you start making the video. It helps a lot!


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