December 29, 2010

It's Almost That Time! Yes THAT time!!

You know which time I'm talking about right? That time when the ball drops and you take a sip of champagne, kiss/hug that special someone and then swear you're going to do something to change the coming year. Yes, THAT time.

I gave up making those resolutions. I know that no matter what I decide I'm going to do, I probably won't stick with it. If I did, I'd weigh about 50 pounds by now, have a master's degree in at least 3 subjects and I'd never have a bad hair day again because I'd have saved the money to go get something done to it to fix it forever. None of that has happened and I think I can concede that it likely never will at this point. I'm okay with that though.

Millions of other people are not though. Just like last year and the year before they will make resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, be more active, get a better job, go back to school, etc. Some will succeed. Some will give it a shot, but lose interest pretty quickly. Others won't even get off the ground. It's like a broken circle that many try to complete and few ever do.

For those who are seeking to lose weight, don't feel too alone. The desire to lose weight and the desire to stop smoking are generally the 2 most popular resolutions that are made and subsequently broken every year. Lets face it, neither of these things are an overnight process. Both of them take dedication and restraint.

I'm not a smoker, so at least that is one battle I don't have to fight. I do however need to drop a few pounds. Not just to look better, but to feel better. I can honestly say I have tried most of the diet pills out there. Some help to curb the appetite, some help with energy. In my opinion, the best diet pills incorporate ingredients to do both. It's great to have a "magic little pill" that helps the body not feel hungry, but if you can't get off the couch, you aren't going to lose anything but a few pounds of water weight. Almost every diet pill out there recommends exercise and a sensible diet to go along with the pill. So, no matter what you choose to take to boost this process, you still have to make changes of some kind.

For me, the best way to lose the weight is to do exactly what i'm doing. I work out often and I take weight loss diet pills to help keep my energy up and my appetite down. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and the pills help with that quite a bit. It's a slow process but I am steadily losing about a pound or two a week, which is generally considered a fairly healthy rate. I'm not in a hurry. The desire to lose the weight truly comes down to wanting to be around for a very long time for my kids and grandkids when I have them. With that in mind, it's a little easier for me to peddle another mile, walk up that really steep hill or get out in the garage and hit those machines gathering dust.

So, no resolutions for me anymore. Instead, Just a change in how I think about things and a change in priorities. I hope all of you have great luck with your resolutions this year, no matter what it is you resolve to do. If you can't keep the promise to yourself, try making the promise to someone you love. Promise to be around longer to love them because you're going to quit smoking. Promise to get out and have more fun. Make more memories, Love more. Do whatever you need to do to be a healthier happier you. The most often kept promises are the ones we are held to through love and commitment.

Happy New Year!


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