December 5, 2010

Shhhhh, It's Quiet. Too Quiet!

I'm sitting here at Phillip's and it's so quiet I can almost hear myself think. In fact, i'm pretty sure I keep hearing the sound of rusty gears turning every now and then. Maybe I'm not thinking enough lately or it's this pounding in my head trying to say "hey Stupid, you have a headache, you should go back to sleep!". Whichever it is, it's annoying as hell.

Besides the annoying part, it's like, really REALLY quiet over here. I can hear the hum of the refrigerator and the sound of passing cars but that's it. Phillip is still sleeping. He's been sick all week with sinus issues due to the changing weather. So I'm trying to be extra quiet so I don't wake him up.

This whole silence thing is really strange for me. Normally this is how my morning goes:
Roll out of bed
Start Coffee
Turn on The TV
Find something to watch on Netflix ( usually The Addams Family, The Munsters or Spongebob)
Tell Nikki at least 10 times to stop whining. ( she whines for NO reason, it drives me nuts)
Tell Sarge to quit banging his tail on the door
Tell Minnie to get off the couch
Remind Nikki to stop whining
Remind Sargie he'd look funny without a tail
Get Tyler up at 6
Listen to Tyler complain about body aches and pains
Listen to Tyler's text message alert go off about every 10 seconds
Start in again reminding the dogs to shoosh.

That's all just in a little over 45 minutes to an hour and it's every single day! Between that, the Psycho twins and changes at work, it's no wonder i'm stressed! Not that I wasn't already aware of all this mind you, i just didn't realize how stressful my day starts out everyday until I was sitting here not doing any of it.

The stress really showed this week too. To be quite honest, I've had it with people messing with my family. it doesn't matter that except for Tyler, my kids are all adults. they're still my kids and messing with them, means you mess with me too. I've already been dealing for months with one lunatic, now i'm having to try and help my daughter with another one. Apparently, my daughter can't have a boyfriend because one of her so called friends thinks that she has dibs on every man in our area. so every time a guy likes my daughter, this fruitloop interjects herself in the relationship and lies her ass off til the guy either gets tired of it all and walks away or he realizes that the fruitloop puts out and he follows his hormones.

Now, in MY opinion part of this is Ashley's fault. She knows this girl does this and she keeps forgiving her or doesn't call her on it at all. So the girl gets away with it and Ashley ends up hurt. Personally, I'd have ditched the bitch the first time but my daughter is far more forgiving than I am. Normally I think that's a good thing, but in these cases it worries me if she'll ever really actually stand up for herself.

It happened again this past week and I posted on Ashley's Facebook for the witch to see that i was sick of her and others like her. I didn't name any names but I know she got the message. Sadly, much like the other lunatic, I don't think she has a conscience, so i doubt it bothered her at all, but i felt better. I got Ashley's permission of course first. I didn't embarrass her. Considering the fact that I wanted to go to her house and plant my fist in her face on my daughter's behalf, I think i showed admirable restraint.

Oh well, Phillip is up now. It's still pretty quiet, but he's playing Spider Solitaire, my headache is easing off and I think we're gonna try to go ride bikes through the State Park again today. Should be about 8 miles and ALOT of fun since it's nice and cool outside. Hope everyone else's day is as nice as mine is looking to be.


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