December 8, 2010

Something Sweet With a Side of Screw You.

I'm a very patriotic person. I love my country. I am extremely proud to be an American and I do my best not to take the freedoms we have for granted. I do what I can to show appreciation for our men and women in uniform, not just on Veterans day, Memorial day and July 4th, but every day. My Grandfathers, both the blood related and not, all fought for our country. I have friends that served, Uncles who served, I have cousins and cousin in laws who are serving as we speak.

I think it is extremely important to remember our men and women who are missing their families, not only during the holidays, but every single day. Every American who cannot or will not serve, should at the very least do at least one thing per month to support a soldier or a soldier's family. There are TONS of ways people can do so. It doesn't have to cost a fortune either. It can be very inexpensive and very rewarding spiritually.

I was reading over at Burnt Food Dude this morning and saw this video of Ray Stevens. Now I think most remember him from some of his sillier songs but I think this is a very touching side of him that should be shared as often as the smiles he gave us in the past.

Now that I've said all the sweet stuff and you have a tear in your eye thinking about how much these men and women sacrifice for us.......think about this too.

There are people out there who protest our soldiers funerals with signs saying God has Blessed us by killing our soldiers. They spit on our soldiers bodies, they have attempted and may have succeeded in throwing blood on a dead soldier during his funeral. These "people" aren't mad Iraqi's or Taliban supporters. These people are Americans. The soldier isn't there to see what's being done, he's gone from this world in the arms of The Father, but his family sees this. They hear the chants and see the signs. This should NEVER be allowed in this country. I don't give a flying f*ck what rights we have, this one shouldn't be legal. Ask your politicians how they feel about this and if they think it's okay, vote for someone else who doesn't. A funeral, especially a soldiers funeral, should be considered completely untouchable by the evil piss ants who inhabit this earth.

There, now I shall set all that anger aside and give you helpful tips to help our men and women in uniform as well as their families.

Buy a soldier a cup of coffee at Green Beans. Just $2 buys a soldier a cup of coffee. You can include a note with it and 99% of the time the soldiers take the time to thank YOU back.

Send current or expired coupons overseas to help our military families stretch their budget. Postage is the same amount as it would cost to send anywhere in the USA . The military commissaries will take the coupons that have expired for up to 6 months past the expiration date. For a list of bases that accept the coupons,check out

Feeling crafty? Feeling nice and warm at home? Sew, crochet or heck just go buy some blankets and take them to a homeless shelter. A shocking number of this country's homeless are veterans!

Do ANYTHING to help the Wounded Warrior Project. They provide wonderful help to not only the wounded soldier but the family as a whole as well. lets you send mail, care packages and thank yous to soldiers who don't generally get mail. You can choose a branch of service to send to if you prefer a certain one. Be sure to check their FAQ's on what's okay to send and what isn't. Remember, if you send packages, you will have to fill out a customs form, but it will cost the SAME amount that it would cost to send to a US address. This is NOT super expensive and our guys and gals deserve the time and attention.

There are lots more ways to help. If you have a pet project you'd like to see included, please feel free to comment and let me know. I'm going to be adding a "Support Our Troops" link to my sidebar today and I'll include anything that will actually help our troops and their families.



The Painted Veil said...

What a wonderful post Nessa. All of these posts bring tears to my eyes as we have so many in our family who serve too!!

Thanks for doing this!!

Nessa said...

Yqw, It's something I wholeheartedly believe we should do as American's After all, we only have the freedoms we do, because other's have fought for them while we sit nice and comfy in our homes.