December 6, 2010

Time For A Change

When my son bought his first vehicle, I have to say I kind of let him down. He had saved the money for the down payment and I chipped in a little too so that worked out fine, but we weren't exactly smart about this purchase. It wasn't a bad deal, it's just wasn't a smart one. The truck is a 2002 Dodge Ram. It has a V-8. THAT'S the problem. In all honesty, we didn't even shop around. Daniel heard heard the sound of that V-8 and he fell in love. That was all it took. I heard the engine too but didn't equate that with "not enough money in the world to keep it in gas". Fast forward to the fact that he now has an awesome job but it's farther than the old one was and we have a big issue. It costs him a fortune to use his truck for work, which means he has to use my car. I'm normally home all day and can do whatever I need to in the evening, so it's not THAT big a deal but Ashley will be starting school hopefully in the Spring and we need a better plan before then. Soooooooo, we're selling his truck and getting him something else that will be better gas wise.

I'm really considering a nice Chevy Silverado. First, because as much as I like Dodge trucks, I'm a Chevy gal at heart and lets face it, the Silverado is a gorgeous truck and it's not a gas hog if you get the right engine. Which we most definitely will do this time! I'm asking Phillip to go with him this time lol, not me, so it should work out fine.

At the auction a couple weeks ago we saw a really cute Range Rover that I would have loved to have had as well. I would have just traded Daniel cars and kept the Range Rover for myself lol. It was really nice, inside and out and went for a great price, but this was before we had made a decision about Daniel's truck and I thought we had no need for another vehicle. Figure's I'd miss a good deal like that.

Another idea we have is what I just mentioned. Letting Daniel take my car so that he has no car payment and I can just go get me a new Outlander. They're not a whole lot different than the Rav4 I have right now but they look soooooo nice and shiny and pretty. I guess the main thing we're going to have to do is some research to see what the best option we have is, what it will cost us and how to make it work out the best for us in the end. I was looking at wiki cars today and got some of the information we need. There are some cars we've definitely ruled out, but overall we just need to weigh options and see what works best. It should be a lot of fun. NOT.


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