December 17, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

I've been trying to get back in here all week long but it's been so busy I haven't had time. Between working, cleaning, birthdays, time with Phillip, bike riding and a little sleep here and there, i'm busy all darn day. It's good though. It keeps me out of trouble and on the right track. So i am definitely not complaining.

Last Sunday was my second oldest son's birthday. He turned 22 and had a great time in the process lol. I got sick and screwed up the family dinner we were going to have but we went to a local restaurant Sunday night to have a quick dinner. He refused to allow us to have people sing Happy Birthday to him though. That's okay though, he's a fantastic son and I guess i can live without having embarrassed him.

(Daniel at the Cousin Dinner with the gorgeous EmmaG. Not the best pic of him but isn't she CUTE???)

I was thinking the other day about how awesome my kids really are. They were always very good in school. I never had a teacher call me to complain that they were bad. I've never had a principal call me to state that they'd started trouble. They just went to school and behaved themselves. In fact, the ONLY one to get in any trouble at all was Daniel and that was defending his sister from a toad that shouldn't have been around other kids in school anyway. His teachers and coaches even testified for him in court over how good a person he is and how out of character it was for him to get in a fight. He literally used to eat lunch every day with many of the special needs kids because he saw people make fun of them. They were left alone after Daniel started eating with them. He's still friends with most of those kids even now.

My boys have an awesome work ethic. I have to say they probably got that from thier dad. I drilled certain things in their head like "no drugs, no pregnancies, no crimes" and he drilled "work like a man" into them. He irritates me in general and I am sure he'd say the same regarding me, but I give credit where it's due.

(Jonathon With his, Daniel and Ashley's Dad)

Daniel hated his job at Walmart, but he went every single day except when he was injured. He didn't skip out, he didn't quit when he had to deal with trifling idiots who would never be a manager in any other setting. He kept his cool and he did his job. I know grown men with children who don't have that much responsibility down pat and Daniel is single with no kids. At his new job, he's now working mostly at least 12 hours a day and doesn't complain at all. He loves to work and be a productive member of society. He feels good helping his family and having money to spend. The few times we had to have government help, he and Jonathon worked even harder with me to be sure we didn't need it. I love that they have pride in themselves.

Daniel's only real issue is he's generous to a fault. He will literally give his last dollar to someone who swears they need it. Sometimes I really have to put my foot down and step in because some of these "teen moms" want him to help support their kids. I don't care about him helping them, but if the baby doesn't have diapers and the mom has a new tattoo..........well there's a problem and the kid isn't his anyway. He just feels so sorry for the kids because they either don't have a daddy or they have a sorry ass father who can't be bothered.

Jonathon is much the same. He'll help anyone. He gets trampled on sometimes by his crappy friends but he's there for them no matter what. Sometimes I wish he'd see them for what they are and truthfully I think he does. He's just a good friend. He's a hard worker and he parties just as hard lol. He has very definite ideas about how children should be raised and he's harder than Daniel about those teen moms. He feels bad for the kids but he's like me.....if you need diapers, stop getting tattoo's with your government check and get a job.

Ashley doesn't work yet. Not out of any fault of her own really. She applies everywhere, there just aren't any jobs right now. She's a good person though and she treats people better than they generally deserve to be treated. I argue with her constantly about helping clean the house but she used to go to someone else's and clean it because she couldn't stand to look at the filth anymore lol. Amazing, that our own floor needing to be vacuumed isn't worth messing with, but send her to a really nasty house and she's all over it. Maybe it's the level of cleaning needing to be done or something. Maybe it's a challenge. Who knows? It's Ashley and she has her own way of doing things.

Tyler, well he's just a brat. He's got attitude for days but he is also a very good kid. Makes great grades, popular in school, makes friends easy, loves his music, loves singing, and can't live without his phone and his mp3 player lol. Never a problem in school at all. Teachers love him for his grades and his witty remarks that make them want to smack him upside the head and crack up equally. I know how they feel! He's very athletic like Jonathon was in school too. He's always looking to find a sport to play. He'll be starting MMA training soon for the benefits it will give him in his sports. I can't wait. That should be fun and I bet the other 2 boys join him.

All in all, I have awesome kids. They are good citizens, good members of society, they work hard and provide taxes for all the welfare recipients (JK!!), and above all they stand together even if I disagree with them. They've always been taught to have their own opinion and to stand by it. Believe me........they Do! They support each other in everything and if it's something they think will harm the other, they fight to get them to see the right way of things. They argue together a lot, but they genuinely love each other. That's something that I am the most proud of. What more could a Mother ask for?

(Before the KISS Concert this year)

Hmmmm, this wasn't supposed to be a book about my kids today. I guess i just feel the need to express how blessed I am to have raised such great people and I hope others feel the same way about their kids. Maybe it's the holiday spirit that's getting to me. I know for sure that I'd put my kids hearts up against anyone else's any day of the year.

Speaking of the holidays......we have a dance with the extended family this weekend and on Sunday I'm going to sell stuff at the flea market with my hunni. I want to make some extra Christmas money for something special I want to buy and he's been wanting to go sell some of his stuff too. So this looks like as good a weekend as any. It should be fun! Cold as all get out, but we always have fun together so i'm looking forward to it.

Hope everyone else has an awesome weekend and please remember to help a child in need or do something to support our fighting men and women and veterans this holiday season and everyday!


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