March 31, 2011

Bad Girls Of The Bible- Book Review

Before finding this book at Blogging for Books, I had been wanting to read it. Where I live, we don't have the most extensive library or a Christian book store. So if Wal-mart doesn't have it, you have to go at least 30-45 miles to hopefully find it or order it online. Lucky for me, just as I was about to use some of my blogging moolah to order the book, I saw it on Blogging for Books and nabbed it.

I am so very glad I did too! The title tells you exactly what the book is about, the bad girls in the bible. Pretty self explanatory there. The exciting part is that this is not one of those preachy "don't be like this girl" books. The author, Liz Curtis Higgs, has written this book with so much personality that you almost feel like you should be answering her when she asks a question in the book. It is so personable that it's like you are sitting across from a good friend discussing the subject rather than reading a book. It literally made me want to read more and more, learn more and more. I finished the book in 2 days, but if I hadn't forced myself to put the book away so I could work, I'd have finished it in less than 1. I did not want to put it down!

Other than the way it's written, is the way in which you learn that these bad girls were going through then, what we still face now in some cases. Sure the scenery is different and so were the times, but ultimately these could be the stories of a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, a family member. Each chapter is prefaced with a woman from our time and tells the story of the bad girl in such a way that we can instantly relate to. Each chapter ends with a study on what we can learn from that particular bad girl. Once again, teaching not only some of the stories of the Bible, but how to apply them to YOUR life.

The book is informative, entertaining, insightful, hopeful and just a downright awesome read. Do yourself a favor and get it however you can and be prepared to tell others about it too. If you're reading anywhere in the vicinity of others, they're definitely going to ask what it is that's making you laugh out loud.


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