March 15, 2011


I've been thinking this morning. I know, I know, "OMG we told her to stop doing that" is what you're all thinking, but bear with me a sec here. These were important thoughts. I'm not sure they will please a lot of people but since when have I ever really sought to please everyone? I try to be truthful and sometimes the truth hurts. That's just the way it goes.

Anyway, I watch the news as much as possible during the day. Yes I realize it's depressing, especially this last several days, but it's infinitely better than soap operas and the court shows. Judge Joe Brown in particular, but Judge Judy is RIGHT behind him in line to be the most idiotic show ever, after Divorce Court of course. I didn't say I NEVER watched them!

So back to the story here. On the news you see all these people in Japan, just trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. trying to find their loved ones and trying to understand what is going to happen with the nuclear reactors. There's no doubt they are terrified, in shock, scared and have to feel hopeless. I would think so anyway. Just looking at the devastation hurts me. I can't imagine actually looking at it and knowing it is my homeland.

What has amazed me is the lack of hysteria. There doesn't seem to be any looting. I haven't seen anything about rioting in the streets accusing the government of not caring. I haven't seen reports of people raping, killing each other. Nothing like that seems to be happening. A report today said that they are standing in lines at the stores and are allowed to buy ONLY 5 items. The line is HUGE and the reporter said it can literally take all day to get through it. Despite that, the people were standing there in an orderly manner waiting their turn. I guess in some areas they can't even do that now since they are being told to stay inside due to possible radiation contamination.

Now I realize that the Japanese government controls things to some extent at least but there are reporters everywhere and I really don't think that the government could keep EVERYTHING out of the news if these things were going on. Am I just watching the wrong channels? Are the rest of you seeing something I am not?

Flash to Katrina. Do you remember seeing the videos? Do you remember seeing the people pushing big screen TVs through the flood water? Remember all the reports of people being raped in the restrooms of the Superdome? Remember the people saying they were so scared of the bathrooms that they were forced to use the stadium chairs as a makeshift bathroom? There were thousands of horror stories. Cops going bad, people being shot, people being murdered, you name it. I know that there are people who will say that the difference is that the a lot of the people involved are black in the Katrina issue but I don't see it that way. This is America.......we can't expect good behavior from all races? I should mention I understand the people who were taking food for their children.......that's not at issue here. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but the big screen through the floodwaters was absolutely ridiculous!

So, How is it that 2 civilized countries can react so differently to a crisis? During and after 9-11 we came together and we helped each other through our grief, as a country should. Katrina happened and it seemed like most of the racial issues flared again, distracting from the true tragedy which was America losing more of her citizens, regardless of their color, to something that everyone was powerless to stop. Yet the government still takes a great deal of criticism for what happened during Katrina. I'm not saying they handled it perfectly. I'm saying that there were just things no one could have imagined and some of the people themselves behaved abominably. The government didn't force anyone to rape, rob or murder. Those people chose to take advantage of their fellow citizens and the tragedy at hand to show their true colors. I know animals with more compassion!

I guess my point is that Japan deserves a great round of applause, because clearly they are doing something right. I did some reading on their government system and it doesn't appear to be much different from our own. I admit I could be missing something, but the fact is that they are handling this a hell of a lot better and with far more grace and dignity than some others have. I know Honor is a very big part of their culture, it's too bad we don't have more of that sense here in America.

I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I love America through and through, I'm just not always proud of others that live here. WTG japan, through unimaginable heartache you've still managed to retain your dignity as a people. As a fellow member of the human race, I'm proud of you.



*josie* said...

It only shows that Japanese are the most disciplined people in the world even in time of crisis. I extend my deepest prayers for their quick recovery from that disaster.

Josie's Window

Icy BC said...

It's very devastating to see, but very important to know!

ashley said...

Earlier this week I saw a Reuter's news photo of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. president, VP, and other higher-ups bowed in apology for the reactor crisis. Such a gentler, more disciplined society that here in America. My heart really goes out to them in this horrible time.