March 8, 2011

Harley Ruins Night 1

Okay, so last night was the first night of the sleep challenge. As I was worried would happen, I fell asleep while watching Criminal Minds. I love that show and watch it every time it's on. On Monday's it's on til around 1 AM. I normally only make it til the 9 PM show before I pass out but sometimes I wake up and watch parts of the later shows too. Anyway, I woke up briefly at about 11 and turned the TV and my reading lamp off and went back to sleep. I woke up at least every hour after that due to this little culprit.

Meet Harley. Apparently he's not at all interested that Mommy wants to sleep. He doesn't care about a challenge. He's got puppy things to do and must be entertained.

It is my own fault really. I have been crate training him but last night I was so tired that I fell asleep and didn't put him in his crate. So he was confused and then when I did wake up I couldn't find his crate anywhere at first. when I did find it, I couldn't find his toys which he will not sleep without. In the end, he won, sleep lost and I've been cranky all day. Maybe I started this sleep challenge at the wrong time lol.

Oh well, I will continue, but tonight I'll be prepared with toys, crate and blankie so that hopefully things will go smoother tonight.

Tonight's goal along with creating the dark cool room is:

2: Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or nicotine 3 hours before bedtime.

I don't smoke, so i'm okay there. I guess if i HAVE to have a soda I can drink a sprite, but I will try to avoid that too. As for alcohol, sheesh, why dontcha just kill me?? Fine, I'll forgo the nightly margarita. Just kidding, it's only every other night lol.


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