Monday Movie Meme-Books In the Movies  


While I'm trying to look for something incredibly clever and witty to post about i figured I'd kill some time and start participating in this weekly meme that I have had bookmarked for about a year and then forgot about lol. Who says I procrastinate? I flat out forget!

So anyway, better late than never. Check out Monday Movie Meme hosted by The Bumbles

So for the first installment I am supposed to come up with books in the movies but not movies based on books. Hmmmm, Maybe I should have waited til next week to begin because so far I literally can't think of anything.

Ok, after 10 minutes sitting here i finally came up with:

Ghostbusters!!! The first ghost the guys face is in a library.I think it's the first ghost anyway. It's definitely a library.

Man I hope it's easier next week lol, this was hard! Then again, right after I publish this I'll probably think of 10 others. That's how it usually goes.


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3 Cool People said:

Library Ghost! How did you remember that? Good one.

Ghostbusters! Yeah, good scene!

I didn't even remember this seen from Ghostbusters. Good one!

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