March 11, 2011

Night 4---WTF?

The F in WTF in this case stands for "funk". Because that's what I am in today. Once again, I followed the rules.

Dark cool room........CHECK
No alcohol or caffeine before bed.....CHECK
No Snacks before bed.......CHECK
Relax before bedtime.......CHeck check CHECK!

Okay the scream isn't part of the rules, it's just a customary reaction to waking up for longer periods than I have slept. Today was the worst so far. Up several times very early, then Up at 4 wide awake, tried to sleep longer. Up for good at 5 when I realized rather than cussing at no one in particular that I might as well get up and be productive. or maybe I actually got up because during the cussing Harley looked at me like he wanted to say "potty mouth much Mommy?".

I'm going to go buy melatonin today. I can't continue not sleeping. If I do, someone is likely to die. Probably the first smartass that crosses my path lol.

Tonights rule is:
Night 5: Do not drink any fluids within 2 hours of your bedtime. Use the bathroom right before bed.

This rule might be tough. I take a bottle of Powerade Zero to bed with me at night because when I wake up in the night, I often need something to drink. If I actually get out of bed to get it, that's it. I'm up for the night. So having it on the nightstand takes out a few steps, literally, and usually allows me to go back to sleep.

We'll see how it goes. Hopefully sheer exhaustion and the melatonin will find me much happier tomorrow. if all I post tomorrow is a picture of my middle finger........I guess you'll know how well it went. ;)


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counting sheeps not part of the rule? :D

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