March 8, 2011

Nikki Sixx Lights A Fire on Facebook

As most of my family and friends know, I have been in love with Motley Crue collectively since I was about 12. At 42, that love is just as strong. They've always spoken out. They always spoke to my heart. Their music taught me about the world beyond my little corner of Texas. Sure there is some music a 12 year old probably shouldn't relate to, I'm not saying that things like "10 Seconds to Love" or "Sticky Sweet" were my anthems. "Knock Em Dead" was though. So was "Bastard". What can I say? I had daddy issues. I wanted mine and I was stuck with a monster. It's not a wonder I related to the angry, angst ridden songs. They were healing to me. It meant someone else out there understood what I was facing and that felt good.

Flash forward to the present and Nikki is still speaking to me. This time via his band Sixx AM and his new book. The first single, Lies Of The Beautiful People, based from the new book, This Is Gonna Hurt, is meant to shake the conscience of all who see it, read it, hear it. It's not angry. There's no angst. There's no poking fun at anyone. It's meant to show the world that there is beauty in everything and in everyone.

Nikki has managed through a photo lens to show through to the soul of people who would be stared at on the streets. People who would be called horrible names are now shown as beautiful and special. I don't know about anyone else but I have always felt that people who faced adversity and made it through were the people who TRULY deserved admiration. It's a hell of a lot harder to get through life when you've been horribly disfigured than if you look like Jennifer Aniston. Someone who has a weight problem that they can't help, or even if they can, faces more hell in their life than most others will ever know. Nikki's book brings this out. He shows people who have sometimes been hiding in the shadows of our world and shines a bright beautiful light on them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this!

Some may argue that Nikki's perception or the way in which they were photographed makes it something ugly or pornographic. Yes there are some very "gritty" pictures. They are MEANT to shake you up though. That's the whole point. When you see the pictures, you aren't supposed to be looking to see if you can catch a glimpse of koochie or a nipple. You are supposed to be looking at it to see the beauty of the person shown. These people opened themselves up. They were already vulnerable to an extent and now they get to hear that the Facebook powers that be find them offensive. It's not pornography. It's art you morons!

Typical Nikki didn't and isn't taking it lying down. My fellow fans have put the cover picture for Lies Of The Beautiful People on their Facebook profile. It seems they are not being censored, yet Nikki has been targeted more than once for removal with the threat of his entire page being deleted. I have literally seen MUCH worse pictures on facebook, usually by minors. What's more offensive? A picture of a woman where you can see nothing at all except a vulnerability she chose to share with the world or a teenage girl doing her best to show everything she possibly can? A teenage boy might argue that point, but it just proves mine. It's all about perception.

My cousin's hubby, posted this picture today.

It clearly shows a nipple. It's not offensive. It's beautiful. It still shows more than this picture does.

This woman is showing nothing of her body that you wouldn't see if she had on a bikini. So what does facebook find so offensive? if she posts a picture of herself on her facebook profile would that be found to be offensive too? Or is it just because Nikki posted it that it's become pornography and therefore too offensive for Facebook?

They allow games like "pass a Joint" where people can virtually grow and roll marijuana. I find that offensive as a parent, but it's still available. Facebook probably makes money off the games though so they turn a blind eye to it. Is that what Nikki needs to do? Hey there's an idea!! Make a game of it Nikki, if they're making money they don't care who's offended!

As for me, I shall promote the song and the pictures. They have a very important story to tell and it should be a story read in the loudest, hardiest of voices. There is beauty in adversity, There is beauty everywhere. It simply takes an open mind and a good heart to see it.

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