March 7, 2011

Oh How long it has been!

I swear I'm not trying to neglect this blog or it's readers. To those of you who emailed to ask how/where I am, sorry it took so long to get back to you and I hope you don't mind that I'm addressing everyone here. I literally have so much to do and nowhere near enough time to do it. The whole 2 birds with one stone saying means a great deal lately. Things are hopping that's for sure. I can't say they're hopping in the direction I always hope lol, but I have faith. I know that God has all this in his hands and everything is going to be fine. It's an awesome feeling to know that good things are coming my way and that the enemy will be defeated. The enemy being anything or anyone that stands in the way of my progress or happiness.

One thing I have been trying to work on is actually being able to sleep. For almost 6 years I have dealt with periodic bouts of insomnia. It is driving me nuts! I have tried pretty much everything to help me sleep but it always makes me feel so groggy and out of it that the sleep didn't do any good. It's not restful, it's just drug induced.

Lately I've been seeing an ad on facebook about getting more sleep and finally decided to check it out. It's called "One Week To Better Sleep Blogger Challenge". Well, I joined the challenge and it starts tonight. I'm not too sure how well it will go, but I figure it's worth a shot, so we'll just see what happens. Here's the link for anyone that wants to check it out.

The idea it seems is to create a good atmosphere in which to sleep and to prepare the body for much needed rest by following some basic rules. For anyone interested, you can find the rules here.

Tonight's part of the challenge is:

Night 1: Create an optimal sleeping atmosphere. Make your bedroom as dark and quiet as possible. Adjust the temperature so that the room is cool.

I'm not sure how this will go. Criminal Minds is on til like 1 in the morning and I watch that til I fall asleep every Monday night. How can I go to sleep without the TV on??? pray for me lol, I'm sure I'll let you know tomorrow. No more ignoring my readers. it's time to get back on track where it counts most.


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