March 9, 2011

Sleep Challenge...Night 2

So last night along with a cool dark room and no caffeine or alcohol before bed you'd think that the night would go relatively well. If Only! On the upside, Harley was a very good boy and he slept all night long. probably because I got him to play as much as possible all day so he was worn out at bedtime. At least that part of the plan worked.

I still couldn't sleep though. I really don't want to have to take medication to sleep. I am literally paranoid about becoming addicted to any kind of pills or alcohol. So even though one or both might allow me to sleep, it's not restful.

Tonight's part of the challenge is:
Night 3: Avoid snacks before bed and stay away from foods high in sugar or grains.

This shouldn't be an issue either so we'll see what happens. maybe i'll sleep out of just pure exhaustion lol. We'll see.


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