March 14, 2011

Sleep Challenge..Nights 5-7

The weekend was so busy I didn't even have time to update anything. We spent Friday gathering things for the Flea market sale on Sunday. Saturday we were making and painting planters to be sold at the flea market as well. I slept great Friday night. I got up that morning at 4 so that wasn't much of a surprise. I was so exhausted on Saturday night that you'd have thought I'd have slept then too but no, that was too much to ask apparently. I woke up several times. Sometimes it was because Phillip got out of bed, other times for no apparent reason.

The time change isn't helping me at all either. I really wish it just didn't exist. Right about the time I finally get used to the change, it's time to change it again. I would just go to bed earlier, but I have training every night this week from 7-10 PM so that's not possible. Best to just stop complaining and deal with it like usual.

As the sleep challenge closes.......I think it's important for people to understand that if the guidelines didn't work for them in the 7 days that they shouldn't give up completely. bad habits and sleeping patterns take more than 7 days to form and they can take awhile to break. Keep trying, the worst that happens is your sleep doesn't improve, the best is that it does. There's nothing to lose and quite a lot to gain.

I hope my fellow sleep challenged bloggers had better luck than I did. I'm definitely going to continue!


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