This Is Harder Than I Thought-Night 3  


Okay, so I have followed the rules implicitly all 3 nights and ya know what? I've just about decided that Insomnia is here to stay and I can either be cranky and hate it or lovingly accept it lol. It's not going away.

On the upside I did sleep better last night than I have been.Was it because this is all finally working though or is it because I'm exhausted and I had no choice but to pass out? Whatever it was i'm grateful for it.

I should say that the suggestions for this challenge are all great and the fact that they don't work for me so far shouldn't reflect on the ideas/challenge founders themselves. Maybe they will start working. There's plenty time left.

Tonight's part of the challenge is:

Night 4:Relax right before bedtime. Consider a hot bath, meditation, yoga or listen to soothing sounds/music.

I think what I'll probably do is take the hot bath and then work on my bible study a little. I'm reading this great book by Joel Osteen that really helps to put things into perspective. Maybe when I'm done I'll do a review. Who knows?


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3 Cool People said:

I'm glad you at least realize that it's not the challenge but your own body that's making it hard to sleep. I'm experiencing something totally different yet similar: I can fall asleep but my sleep quality is CRAP! Good luck on Night 4! Keep it up!

You've followed all the rules!!? I'm so proud! I can't even get that far..LOL! I'm failing horribly right now! Like, bad, bad! I'm starting to think that insomnia might be here to stay too!

Man Wife and Dog Blog

Yep, i followed ALL the rules even up to last night and guess what? I promptly woke up at 2:30, 4 and 5. I give!

And yes I definitely know the problem is with me not the rules, I just can't figure out what to do about it.

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