March 10, 2011

This Is Harder Than I Thought-Night 3

Okay, so I have followed the rules implicitly all 3 nights and ya know what? I've just about decided that Insomnia is here to stay and I can either be cranky and hate it or lovingly accept it lol. It's not going away.

On the upside I did sleep better last night than I have been.Was it because this is all finally working though or is it because I'm exhausted and I had no choice but to pass out? Whatever it was i'm grateful for it.

I should say that the suggestions for this challenge are all great and the fact that they don't work for me so far shouldn't reflect on the ideas/challenge founders themselves. Maybe they will start working. There's plenty time left.

Tonight's part of the challenge is:

Night 4:Relax right before bedtime. Consider a hot bath, meditation, yoga or listen to soothing sounds/music.

I think what I'll probably do is take the hot bath and then work on my bible study a little. I'm reading this great book by Joel Osteen that really helps to put things into perspective. Maybe when I'm done I'll do a review. Who knows?



ChefMommyinOC said...

I'm glad you at least realize that it's not the challenge but your own body that's making it hard to sleep. I'm experiencing something totally different yet similar: I can fall asleep but my sleep quality is CRAP! Good luck on Night 4! Keep it up!

ManWifeDog said...

You've followed all the rules!!? I'm so proud! I can't even get that far..LOL! I'm failing horribly right now! Like, bad, bad! I'm starting to think that insomnia might be here to stay too!

Man Wife and Dog Blog

Nessa said...

Yep, i followed ALL the rules even up to last night and guess what? I promptly woke up at 2:30, 4 and 5. I give!

And yes I definitely know the problem is with me not the rules, I just can't figure out what to do about it.