June 21, 2011

Birthdays and Wildfires

Yesterday was my birthday. Before any of you smartbutts ask, no, the candles from my cake didn't start any of the fires. I didn't even have cake yet. We're celebrating my birthday this coming Saturday at the lake. I can't wait! I really need a day of fun in the sun on the jet ski's and the boat. We're taking both of the jet ski's, the boat and a small barbecue pit out to an island on the lake and we're just going to make a day of it. It's going to be an awesome day and i deserve it!

As for the fires........it's no laughing matter at all. It's so dry and unless we get a hurricane or a miracle there's really no relief in sight. It's supposed to rain a few days this week finally, but so far it's rained for about 10 minutes and not where the fires are burning. It's certainly not enough to prevent fires anywhere else that did manage to get any of it. Hopefully, something will give soon and God will see fit to bless Texas with some rain.

When we went to Lake Houston a few weeks ago, I was shocked at how far down the lake really is. This picture was taken at one of our favorite little islands last year. See the branch next to the jet ski?

This is the exact same island this year: The branch in this picture is the same one that was in the pic above that we tied the jet ski to all last summer.

Because it's so low, we're going to have to go to Lake Livingston which makes none of us especially happy, but at least the lake hasn't been affected by the drought.

So far the fires have destroyed many homes and buildings. I hate to see so many lives being torn apart by carelessness and sometimes just plain accidents. One of the fires was literally started by a bad wheel bearing on a trailer being pulled down the highway. So people please try to be as careful as possible and pray that Texas gets some relief very very soon!


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