June 22, 2011

Hell Has Nothing On Texas

With temps in the 100's.........I'm about ready to move to Alaska. The coldest part of it! We've already had temps over 100 this year and we've had little or no rain in months. I'm sure many of you have heard about the wildfires we are currently plagued with and I have to say it's scary. We're literally surrounded by huge wildfires and even this awesome rain we've had today isn't enough to put them out. In fact fires are still starting even today from people burning trash.

Anyway, one of the things we're planning to do in the next week or so is invest in a pool. We can't always get to the lake, but we can always go out to the back yard. It won't exactly be cheap initially but in the long run the money we spend on gas and drinks going to the lake will be saved by having the pool to cool off in. So it only makes sense to go for it. We've gotten some estimates and we have a good idea of what it will cost so the next steps are committing to it. Always easier said than done.

Part of our estimates involved making sure we could afford all the accessories needed. Skimmers, chemicals, pool covers due to all the trees we have in the back yard and toys and floats as well. It's a big expense that's for sure. All I keep telling myself though is "when you're laying on a float in the pool looking up at the sky with a book in one hand and a margarita in the other, it'll all be worth it". And it sooooooo will!


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