June 16, 2011

Hulu Plus-Save money, Don't Bother

I was soooooo excited when I saw an advertisement on XBOX 360 saying that I could now watch some of my favorite shows through my xbox 360 by using Hulu Plus. I signed up immediately thinking that along with Netflix this was going to ease a great deal of my "looking for something on TV issues". At first it did. I got to catch up on the last season of Law and Order:SVU and I got to watch a couple others as well. Then........nada. See, apparently, for free, you can watch many of your favorite shows online. With Hulu Plus, you can only watch certain shows through your xbox and you have to pay for the privilege of being frustrated when most of what you want to watch through the Xbox says "web only". Which means for free...........you can watch them on your computer.

Now I don't claim to be a genius or anything, well, no wait. I do, but that's because I am, but not about everything. Like rockets, math, the weather, those stupid peepee teepee's, the way men think, etc. You get the point. When it comes to saving money, I know what i'm talking about, because lets face it, I'm no rich b*tch. Anyway, the whole point is, why in the world should users pay for the very small convenience of being able to watch a FEW shows on their tv, that they can watch online for free using the exact same service? sure you have to watch a few ads, but guess what? You have to watch those ads on HULU Plus as well. So you're not gaining anything by paying a monthly fee, you're actually getting less.

I think maybe that Hulu is on to something but they're not quite there yet. If I miss a show on Monday night and I can watch it on Hulu PLus on Tuesday through the xbox, that's not bad at all. That is actually possible now, but there are so few current shows to choose from, that there's just no point paying for it. It seems like they decided to try to take on Netflix, but right now Netflix has nothing to worry about. I'm a big fan of Netflix and I'd be lost without it. They have far more television shows, movies and documentaries for one price that can be watched both online and over the xbox for the same price. I understand that there is a licensing/permission issue but frankly I feel that Hulu should have waited just a bit longer to roll out a better product. Right now the fact that I actually paid for a full month of service and only got to use it 3 days, leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Buh Bye Hulu Plus, email me when Netflix really has some competition.


***This post was not paid for by any company, it is my own opinion on a service I used and unfortunately paid for***

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