June 23, 2011

The Weekend Is Almost Here!

Normally I don't get all that excited about weekends. I work from home so it's not like I'm stuck in an office all week, nor do I commute. So weekends are much like any other day during the summer for me. This weekend we're celebrating my birthday though and it should be fun. I love getting out on the jetski and just going as fast I can over the water. It's sooooooo much fun and we're going to make a whole day of it.

I also got some sample packs of Boresha NuvoGene Tea today in the mail that I am really looking forward to trying. I recently learned that I am severely anemic and have to be more careful about how I eat and such. Which I was already actually doing anyway, but now I have to make even more changes. I'm not big on change at all and i'm certainly not happy to consider giving up coffee or tea. Not because those are necessarily bad, but because they taste better with sugar and cream. THOSE are the culprits. It's always the good stuff that will get ya.

So anyway, i'm gonna try this tea. It's a low glycemic,
fat burning tea and heaven knows I need me some energy. I haven't tried any of it yet but I did check out the website and so far i'm impressed. I'm considering ordering their Bskinny coffee. Coffee is my weakness. No one wants to be around me when I haven't had coffee. I also looooove latte's! Their Latte is low glycemic as well and all you have to add is water. No extra creamer or sugar. Sounds easy and healthier, but we'll see.

I also bought a bunch of Spinach today to start making spinach and egg white omelets for breakfast. Hopefully this will raise my iron levels and make me NOT have to take the iron supplements that make my stomach hurt so bad.

Sometimes beauty after 40 takes a lot of changes but being around to see my grandkids grow up will make it all worth it. Now if my kids would just get to making me some grandkids lol.


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